Ms. Barr was an outstanding mediator who carefully listened and knew the value of each side's claims. In a polite and skilled manner, she was directive and got the job done. In the end, everyone was satisfied.

Eleanor Barr was an excellent choice for my employment case. She gave ample opportunity for both sides to present their case, and she worked with a deep understanding of the facts and issues until the case was resolved.

Eleanor Barr is a fabulous mediator -- good with complicated facts and law, and great at persuading people to do what is in their own best interests.

Eleanor Barr is a mediator that understands how to go to the focus of the dispute, understand the positions and give important perspective. She also knows that the mediation session is just the first step. Every case I have had with her was settled days or weeks after the mediation by Eleanor's tenacity and follow-up. I give her the highest recommendation.

Ms. Barr proved to be a consummate professional. She focused in on the key issues in dispute and promptly moved into substantive negotiations. The parties began far apart. At times, it appeared that the parties would reach impasse. She was skilled at keeping the parties at the table and bringing the matter to a conclusion.

Eleanor Barr is unquestionably the best mediator I have worked with....She is one of the few mediators who is seen as fair and effective by both plaintiffs' and defense counsel.

I have personally seen Eleanor bring about settlements in complicated, emotionally-charged cases involving toxic torts, premises liability, landlord/tenant disputes, breach of contract, and a massive, multi-party, multi-action, multi-faceted case involving more than 100 residents of a mobile home park caught in the middle of a long, slow landslide. Most of the insurance representatives, the attorneys, the parties, and two different superior court judges openly stated that the case could not be settled. She settled it.

You did an outstanding job moving between the two parties, bringing insight and experience to keep us from failing. Your professional attitude was tempered by a friendly and gracious spirit. Without your help, I am certain we would have ended up in court, wasting time and money.

Ms. Barr would rank among the top three mediators I have been exposed to over the years. When there is a significant emotional component involved with the underlying dispute, Ms. Barr is the most effective mediator that I have ever encountered.

A truly superb mediator – high energy and highly motivated to cause a fair settlement.

Eleanor is a committed, talented mediator who has successfully mediated numerous cases for me with challenging facts and parties. She is incredibly knowledgeable of the facts and law, and never gives up on a mediation. She is a creative mediator who doesn't simply rely on the same old techniques, but instead "thinks outside the box" and comes up with resolution strategies to suit each unique case.

Eleanor is very good at making people feel "heard" while working toward a practical resolution -- and she is tenacious. She does not give up.

Ms. Barr was extremely precise in her evaluation and took the time to request and review our brief prior to the mediation as well as call me individually to discuss any issues. The mediation experience was left with a feeling as though both parties were pleased with the outcome, which is extremely rare!

I have used Ms. Barr as a mediator in very challenging cases. Ms. Barr has been extremely helpful in resolving cases. She has an understanding of the issues of the case and the strengths and weaknesses of the case which she is able to use to bring the matter to a sensible resolution. She is also likeable which is also extremely helpful in gaining the trust of the client which is necessary for a resolution.

Naturally, when a mutual choice is made to use a mediator, many factors go into that important decision: expertise, professionalism, responsiveness, and flexibility, to name a few. Ms. Barr brings all of those qualities to the mediation table, so to speak, with one important additional, unique trait - she brings a remarkable level of understanding of the dynamics that subtly underscore any successful negotiation. She is able to empathize, inquire, and strategize at such a high level that mediations are truly effective and - dare I say it - enjoyable.

I was very impressed by Ms. Barr’s handling of the mediation. She knew exactly what to say to clients and attorneys alike. She was patient and enthusiastic.

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Barr on two hotly contested habitability cases where the parties were polarized with very differing views of the operative facts and relevant insurance coverage issues.  Frankly, and to my surprise, Ms. Barr was able to bring the parties together and fashioned a settlement that was both fair and creative.

Eleanor has a dazzling ability to manage all the various difficult personalities in a complex case, while simultaneously grasping, managing, and maneuvering among the numerous interests and positions that those difficult personalities bring with them to the mediation process. On several occasions, I have watched her pull a settlement out of what looked to be a hopeless, snarling mass of litigants, while all the while maintaining her composure and her sense of humor. She's not a screamer and doesn't bully the mediation participants; rather, she comes across as strong, understanding, and supremely reasonable. She is well versed in the realities of business, legal procedure, substantive law, and, crucially, insurance coverage. More importantly, she has a seemingly limitless ability to convert that understanding into creative, practical solutions to the particular issues presented by a given case.

She's who you want for almost any case. And, if you have a complicated or difficult matter – especially if it's one that you believe can't be settled – she's who you need.

Eleanor did a fantastic job in a very difficult matter involving a complicated failure to accommodate claim. She deftly navigated the legal issues in discussions with counsel and personally connected with the parties in guiding them to a mutually satisfactory resolution. I would highly recommend her as a mediator in employment cases.

Eleanor is an experienced, sound and professional mediator who ranks among the top of my “go-to mediator list” in Southern California.  Not only does she immerse herself in the factual and legal underpinnings of each case, Eleanor works tirelessly before, during, and even after mediation in attempts to bring the parties to a well-reasoned and fair result.

Ms. Barr did an excellent job. I did not anticipate that the case would be settled.

I have had the opportunity to work with Eleanor on two complex environmental matters over the past few months. I have been impressed with her bright and inquisitive mind, her ability to quickly comprehend the issues, and her tenacity in unearthing the real facts beyond the parties’ posturing. Most importantly, she has shown a knack to find and understand the parties’ real motivation and to get matters successfully resolved. I was introduced to Eleanor when the other side recommended her in these two matters. I plan to recommend her to others and to use her again.

Your skill as a negotiator brought together two ex-partners who had numerous personal and financial disagreements. I was also very much impressed by your willingness to work out the small details after you negotiated the settlement agreement.

To say that we have finally put an end to a long, dragged out, nasty legal battle, with a sigh of relief, would be an understatement. Our attorney recommended a mediator. We then met Eleanor Oths Barr! She was so professional and she put us at ease right away. She was wonderful, very capable, very articulate…We got a resolution. Finally peace.

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the fine job you did. I frankly did not believe that the two main protagonists would settle. It was only with your assistance and professionalism that a very contentious case settled. Thanks for your efforts.

I would use Ms. Barr again and would highly recommend her to others.

Eleanor is able to empathize, inquire, and strategize at such a high level that mediations are truly effective and – dare I say it – enjoyable.

When there is a significant emotional component involved in the underlying dispute, Ms. Barr is the most effective mediator that I have ever encountered.