Eleanor has successfully mediated hundreds of business disputes involving large and privately-owned corporations, financial institutions and family businesses. Her experience includes:

  • Dissolution of partnership and accounting disputes involving physicians, optometrists, lawyers and partners in family-owned businesses;
  • Breach of contract claims in numerous industries, including aerospace, apparel, entertainment, healthcare, shipping, commercial real estate, food and service industries;
  • Re-negotiation of contracts in multiple areas, including commercial leasing and service industries;
  • Consumer claims against financial institutions for alleged violations of California Commercial Code, fraud and elder abuse;
  • Shareholder actions alleging self-dealing against directors and officers in a variety of industries, including hi-tech, food and service industries;
  • Misappropriation of trade secret disputes in entertainment, advertising and hi-tech industries.

To obtain references for business matters, please contact Eleanor's case manager, Sue Housh, at 310-282-0800 or