Real Estate Disputes

Broker/Buyer/Seller Disputes

Eleanor has successfully mediated hundreds of real estate disputes. She works well with homeowners, brokers and insurance carriers and has substantial knowledge of California real estate law. Eleanor has resolved:\;

  • Residential and commercial real estate disputes by buyers against sellers and brokers for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence and fraud;
  • Lien priority claims  ;
  • Easement and property line disputes between neighbors; 
  • Quiet title claims; and
  • Partition actions. 

HOA Disputes

Eleanor has settled many large, multi-party cases between homeowners and HOAs involving property damage, mold contamination, personal injuries, and other alleged violations of the Davis-Stirling Act.


Eleanor has successfully mediated many habitability claims by tenants, ranging from a single family to 100 plaintiffs, against apartment owners for alleged breach of habitability for bedbug and roach infestation, mold contamination, water intrusion and other property damage.


Eleanor has mediated many cases involving construction contract and construction defect claims. She has substantial experience in resolving:

  • Construction contract claims among owners, contractors and subcontractors for both large public works projects and private projects; and
  • Construction defect claims by homeowners against developers and contractors.

Massive Property Damage

Eleanor has mediated large, complex disputes involving massive property damage, including claims between 100 residents of a mobile home park and the landowner for irreversible property damage arising from a landslide.

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